Our Best Pratices

Efforts towards Green Practices on the Campus


  • Maintenance of trees and pharmacy garden.
  • Avoiding air pollution by parking the vehicles outside the campus.
  • Avoiding unnecessary use of papers for examination purpose.
  • Planning of tree plantation programme every year
  • Planning solar panels for energy conservatio

    A] Energy conservation-

  • Fans are used as per requirement.
  • LED lights are used instead of bulbs.
  • Classrooms are well-ventilated
  • Tree plantation in the college campus
  • Hospitals and hostels are in same campus.
  • This ensures minimal use of vehicles.
  • Well maintained Herbal garden.
  • Installation and use of solar panels is in planning.
  • Pharmacy Department of the college has got a Medicinal Herbal plant garden which is properly maintained.
  • B] Carbon neutrality-

    • As far as possible vehicles are parked outside the campus.
    • variety of plants are planted every year which helps in carbon neutrality.
    • All facilities are present under one roof to avoid use of vehicle and this avoids pollution .

    C] Rain water harvesting-

    Rain water harvesting system is been planned for proper utilization of rain water.

    D] Bio-hazardous waste management-

    • Bio-hazardous waste from college as well as hospital is collected in colour coded bags and bins.

    E] E-waste management-

    Anti-viruses are installed on each and every computer of the college.