Welcome to the Department of Human Anatomy.

    Anatomy is a pre-clinical subject taught in the first year of any course leading to an undergraduate degree in BHMS. Anatomy deals with the structure of different parts of the body and their arrangement in relation to the other parts of the region. The structure forms the basis for function of a part (Organ) in particular, which forms part of a system in general. Anatomy being an applied Medical Science, the knowledge of the structure learnt in the study of Human Anatomy, will help a student to learn the clinical subjects like surgery, Gynecology, Medicine which aid a physician diagnose and treat a disease. To impart a thorough knowledge of the parts of Human body and their structure our department of Anatomy is well equipped with the best facilities for dissection of Human cadavers. The dissection of cadavers gives the students first-hand information about structure of every part of the body and its relation to the other parts of the body. Well dissected parts of the body obtained through dissection are preserved in the department for ready reference for the students and many such specimens are displayed in the Museum of the department. The Anatomy Museum is the center of attraction to the visitors to our college. The museum has been artistically designed to accommodate dissected specimens and embryology models. The museum is accessible to the students for self-study.

The Histology section of the department is the place where the students understand the microscopic structure of different organs and tissues of the body. Histology is taught with the help of latest techniques. Teaching is also done with the help of CD ROMs, transparencies and slides. The Department is provided with a huge & well ventilated dissection hall. . The embalming room has custom-built cement tank for storing cadavers. Adequate cadavers are provided to the students for dissection. Demonstration room, Histology section and Museum, Departmental Library and the working area for the Head of the Department and other faculty. The Department fulfills all the statutory requirements as per Minimum Standards of Education, prescribed by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi.


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