Welcome to the Department of HMM.

    Materia medica is a subject, which is taught from first to final year. Department has progressed by adding various teaching aids and materials like adequate samples of drug substances. For better understanding of knowledge of Materia Medica the department is enriched with various charts, wall magazines and pictorial drug constitutions. Several books of Materia medica subject are available for reference in departmental library. Department of materia medica aims at providing a sound knowledge of the effectiveness of Homoeopathic drug through audio-visual teaching techniques. Seminars, Workshops, clinical presentations are conducted for students regularly for facilitating keen knowledge of the subject and as a result students get theoretical as well as practical approach efficiently.

It has a large departmental library with many references books and drug specimens. The department conducts educational seminars regularly for the students' benefit. It also invites renowned and expert Homeopaths as Guest Lecturers for furthering the students' knowledge of Homoeopathy.

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