Welcome to the Department of Gynaecology and Obsterics .

    This subject covers the normal & abnormal happenings in females, especially in reproductive period. Obstetrics includes all events & complications during pregnancy and also neonatology meaning care & management of the new born baby. Gynecology deals with all the other female problems like infections, tumors & sterility. Here, the students are taught in detail regarding all these conditions in theoretical classes, as well as clinical classes, which helps them to get a basic idea regarding the problem & also to differentiate between normal & abnormal findings. The curriculum also necessarily includes the detail Homeopathic management of the female complaints with special review on scopes & limitations, so that as a clinician, they can give proper guidelines & treatment to the female patient.

This department has well equipped OPD with facilities like Antenatal clinic, Infertility clinic and a cancer detection center. Department is well facilitated with experienced teaching faculty, teaching aids such as- CD ROMS, PPTS, CHARTS ,MODELS,SPECIMENS, INSTRUMENTS Museum, demo –room is also available. Departmental library is fulfilled with different books related to the subject & course. Along with theory, clinical classes are carried in hospital.

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