Organon of Medicine.

Welcome to the Department of Organon of Medicine.

    Organon of medicine is the subject which imparts education to the students in regards to principles and Philosophy of Homoeopathic discipline. This monumental book was authored by the founder of Homoeopathy Samuel Fredrick Christian Hahnemann who was 200 years ahead of his time. The book gives practical guidelines regarding practice of Homeopathy to all practicing Homoeopaths. The institution has a separate well equipped and specious department of Organon of Medicine in the premises. It is run by proficient and experienced teachers. It consists of museum of History of medicine, HOD cabin and charts of pioneers of Homoeopathy. Also all the necessary amenities are available in the department to conduct clinical classes. The teachers of the department spare on efforts to prepare efficient homoeopaths for the future generation.

The department conducts debates, seminars and different project works on legendary homoeopaths to enhance and strengthen the understanding of Homeopathy among the students. The students are encouraged to participate in CME, state as well as National levels seminars conducted by various bodies to expatiate the Homoeopathic mode of treatment among the masses. The department also organizes a yearly debate & drama on the occasion of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's birth anniversary. The department has a large departmental library with numerous reference books. It also make use of teaching aids like CD ROMs, transparencies, charts and slides on various topics so that students can have better and easier understanding of the subjects.

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